Why Dr Olson Health?

Dr Olson Health is a family-run business dedicated to helping the people of our community feel better so that you can live better.  

Dr. Richard A. Olson has provided excellent and personalized care to his patients in the Peoria area for over 20 years.  He has a vast knowledge in many areas of health care, body contouring, weight management, CBD, and nutrition in addition to his Chiropractic and Acupuncture skills. 

With his wife, Angela by his side in the office,  they make a good team.  They are uniquely able to provide a level of compassion, care and service that is often hard to find in a healthcare office.  The peace and professionalism of the office and staff further enhance the patient experience and relaxation. 

Our experienced Licensed Esthetician, Heather is here to provide your facial, body contouring and therapeutic services.  

You won't find any drama here, but you just may find a new extended family.  All while receiving healthcare and spa services at the highest quality and professionalism.

Our Approach

The Dr Olson Health philosophy of patient care is that the experience of healing and restoration of the body, should result in a peaceful relaxation of the whole person.  Body. Mind. and Spirit. 


Many of our services and treatments help to relieve pain, heal injuries and restore health in the body while also giving peaceful relaxation to the whole person.  Each of Dr. Olson’s patients are treated individually and the care program is customized to meet that patient’s specific individual needs.

Dr Olson utilizes various treatment techniques and styles including Body Treatments, Skin Treatments, Weight Management Treatments, Facials, Lymph Drainage, Applied Kinesiology, Activator, S.O.T., Extremity Adjusting, Soft Tissue Manipulation, Acupuressure, and Acupuncture.

We also offer some of the highest quality THC Free CBD, vitamins, immunity support, probiotics, and nutritional supplements.


I am a professional motocross racer in the summer months and I have been recently going to Dr. Olson to get my body worked on. He is super easy going, very kind, affordable, and has made me pain free from my back and shoulder pains I’ve had from racing. I would recommend anyone in the area to go to him!


Dr. Olson has been a godsend for my son and I both. My son has a rare chromosome disorder that comes with hip dysplasia and hypermobility. I myself have skeletal issues and fibro. He has helped us keep our bodies healthy and pain free. His office is great for children.


Dr. Olson is awesome!! The go-to chiropractor in town. Always great conversation during treatment and teaches you on different techniques to help you understand your visit better. As a retired college athlete and current coach, Dr. Olson has really made a difference for my body and keeping me fit and well!!


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