Electric Muscle Stimulation

One of the most common treatment methods used to reduce swelling and recovery time is Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS). This method of treatment has seen an increase in popularity due to its effectiveness in treating soft tissue injuries and muscle spasms.

How Does EMS Work?

We perform treatments like EMS right here in our office. Small electrodes are placed throughout the affected areas before turning on the machine. Varying levels of electrical current are transmitted through these electrodes, which cause the muscles of the surrounding area to contract quickly. Patients undergoing an EMS treatment are likely to experience tingling and enjoyable sensations that subside once the machine and treatment are over.

EMS works by creating hundreds of tiny contractions to relax and tire out the muscles. The process ultimately relieves pain and discomfort with the added benefit of releasing endorphins in the body, which are a natural pain reliever. The entire process allows nutrients to flow to the affected area, which decreases recovery times!

The most common areas that require EMS are the neck and the back, as these areas are likely to experience the most strain and distress in a patient’s everyday life.

EMS helps alleviate some pain of all sorts, be it acute or chronic. If you are experiencing some pain of any kind, likely, EMS may readily be a simple solution. If you have recently undergone an injury or are experiencing pain throughout your body, ask your Peoria Chiropractor if EMS or similar services might be right for you.

To alleviate pain and accelerate the process of self-healing, medical professionals often shift to a deeper form of electrical stimulation: Interferential Current Therapy. Electrodes are similarly placed throughout the affected area, which is activated by an Interferential Current device to send small quantities of electrical vibrations throughout the local area. These pulses provide a slight tingling sensation as the local nerves grow stimulated, thus increasing the healing of the underlying tissues.

Interferential Current Therapy Commonly Treats:

  • Inflammation

  • Edema

  • Stiff joints

  • Muscle spasms

  • Joint injuries

  • Circulatory and muscle disorder

Additional Benefits of Interferential Current Therapy include:

  • Noninvasive method of pain reduction

  • A sizeable reduction in swelling and inflammation

  • Restoring range­-of­-motion and increasing movement potential

  • Exciting the natural hormones to heal that body faster and naturally.

Interferential Current Therapy has the added benefit of increasing blood circulation by freeing the body’s natural endorphins during the process. Coupled with the other services we offer as a top-tier chiropractic clinic in Peora, it can help provide holistic wellness.

Therapeutic Exercise

Therapeutic exercises can help alleviate chronic pain as well as act as a preventative means of warding off future discomfort. Our medical professionals and chiropractors will frequently promote a range of related exercises to our patients to diminish many forms of pain with the focus on restoring flexibility, muscle, and stamina.

Over time, these exercises will return physical function to many areas affected by chronic and acute pain. Patients who remain consistent in their practices will soon see improved health, wellness, and confidence, knowing that therapy is working for them.

Additional objectives of Therapeutic exercise include:

  • increased range of motion in their joint

  • Releasing contracted muscles, tendons, and fascia

  • Added mobility

  • Improving coordination

  • Improving blood flow

  • Improving breathing and stamina

  • Improving coordination

  • Increasing  flexibility

These exercises are grouped into three primary sectors:

  • Endurance exercises

  • Flexibility exercises

  • Resistance exercises

Dr. Richard A. Olson recommends a wide variety of exercises to our patients, all dependent on their conditions. The first goal is always to expedite the patients’ recovery and alignment while avoiding invasive surgeries. These prescribed exercises are meant to be performed in the comfort of your home and on your schedule.

Here at Dr Olson Health, we strive to ensure we offer the most effective services for our patients. As a long-time chiropractor in Peoria IL, our mission is always to ensure our community’s health and happiness.

Intersegmental Traction

Roller Massage Table

Have you tried our Roller Massage Table?  It… is… so… very… RELAXING!


The Roller Massage Table (Intersegmental Traction) is used to improve mobility and circulation in the joints of the spine.  In spinal injuries or mechanical problems of the spine, the joints of the spine lose their mobility. 


Traction stretches the joint, causing a suction, which helps the flexibility of the disc.  Traction also opens up the joint and increases the circulation and blood flow in the spine. 


As the spine heals, it must heal mobile and strong to assure that there will be maximum recovery in strength, as well as flexibility and mobility of the spine.  Stretching the spine improves the elasticity of the tissue and strengthens the disc. 


Due to its soothing effect on the spine and spinal nerves, the Roller Massage Table (Intersegmental Traction) is also relaxing.  It reduces tension and stress as well as helps the spine become stronger and more mobile.  This aids in prevention of possible recurring spinal injuries.


So, at your next appointment, ask Dr. Olson if the Roller Massage Table would be good for you! 😉

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