Electrical Muscle Stimulation in Peoria

One of the most common treatment methods used to reduce swelling and recovery time is Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS). This method of treatment has seen an increase in popularity due to its effectiveness in treating soft tissue injuries and muscle spasms.

How Does EMS Work?

We perform treatments like EMS right here in our office. Small electrodes are placed throughout the affected areas before turning on the machine. Varying levels of electrical current are transmitted through these electrodes, which cause the muscles of the surrounding area to contract quickly. Patients undergoing an EMS treatment are likely to experience tingling and enjoyable sensations that subside once the machine and treatment are over.

EMS works by creating hundreds of tiny contractions to relax and tire out the muscles. The process ultimately relieves pain and discomfort with the added benefit of releasing endorphins in the body, which are a natural pain reliever. The entire process allows nutrients to flow to the affected area, which decreases recovery times!

The most common areas that require EMS are the neck and the back, as these areas are likely to experience the most strain and distress in a patient’s everyday life.

EMS helps alleviate some pain of all sorts, be it acute or chronic. If you are experiencing some pain of any kind, likely, EMS may readily be a simple solution. If you have recently undergone an injury or are experiencing pain throughout your body, ask your Peoria Chiropractor if EMS or similar services might be right for you.

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