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Body Contouring

Vacuum Cupping Massage


Reduce Cellulite

This is a reverse massage, providing relaxing, lifting suction, instead of pressure.  The traditional cupping method is used for it's healing, detoxifying, and pain reduction benefits.  This method can be uncomfortable and leave dramatic bruising to the skin.  Cupping massage is not only a much more relaxing option, but also provides enhanced benefits with lymph drainage to release toxins. 

  • improve and reduce cellulite

  • improve poor blood circulation

  • improve lymph circulation and drain waste from tissues

  • reduce swelling and pain

  • assistance with removal of fatty deposits (in conjunction with diet and exercise)

Ultrasound Cavitation

Fat Reduction

Ultrasonic frequencies implode fat cells, after the fat is broken down, it is released into the fluid between cells, where it is metabolized into glycerol and free fatty acids.  Water-soluble glycerol travels into the circulatory system to generate energy while insoluble free fatty acids enter the liver through the body's normal metabolism. 

  • reduce cellulite and stubborn fat

  • tighten body for contouring

What to expect?

This treatment is painless but occasionally crates a ringing sensation in the ear during treatment only. 

Radio Frequency

Tightens Skin

This energy penetrates through the skin to heat the skin and fat, causing collagen fibers to immediately contract and tighten the skin.  Fibroblasts are stimulated, triggering long term skin tightening.  Most of the RF energy enters the deeper skin layers, causing the skin to thicken.  This decreases wrinkle depth and leaves skin firmer and lifted to contour.  

  • short-term tightening 

  • long term tightening

  • increase release of fat

  • causes release of ATP or raw cell energy that makes the skin act younger

  • increases circulation and formation of new capillaries

  • immediate and long term glow from enhanced oxygen and nutrients brought to cells

  • reduces puffiness with increased lymph drainage

  • also stimulates collagen and fibroblast production

Results to expect from RF facials:

  • lifting of brows, tightening of forehead skin

  • thickening of skin, tighten and lift upper cheeks

  • diminish enlarged pores

  • diminish sagging along jawline

  • improvement of face color

  • diminish wrinkling of neck and decollete

Results of combined cavitation and RF therapy:

  • Direct access to deeper fat cells increased

  • Enhanced blood and lymph circulation with metabolism and detoxification benefits

  • Enhanced skin tightening to contour and drop inches


How to Prepare for Body Treatments:

  • Don't eat large meals or heavy for 1.5 hours before and after treatment

  • Minimal physical activity during day of treatment

After Body Treatments:

  • Collagen cells grow slowly so be patient, expect to see noticeable results about 3 months after consistent treatment

  • Mandatory water consumption of 6-8 cups per day to flush out cell waste

  • Regular cardio, such as walking for 30 minutes to provoke quick excretion of cell dissolution products after cavitation, and increase body contour and skin tightening

  • Stabilize diet regime, follow a low starch, low sugar diet for best results

  • Avoid diuretics such as alcohol and caffeine, mandatory on day of treatments

  • It is normal to feel an urgency to use restroom after body treatments

Not recommended for Patients with the following conditions:

  • Pregnant or breastfeeding 

  • Cancer at any time and in any form

  • Metal implants such as pins, prostheses or pacemakers

  • Intrauterine device (for abdomen)

  • Epilepsy

  • Blood disorders

  • Fever or heated acute inflammation

  • Heart disease

  • Kidney and liver disease

  • Severe high blood pressure or circulation problems

  • Deep vein thrombosis, varicose veins

  • Inflammation of veins

  • Current use of antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, anticoagulants

  • Long-term steroid use

  • Infections

  • Internal bleeding

  • Autoimmune Diseases

  • Red, dry, itchy skin rashes

  • Urinary incontinence

  • Transmissible diseases

  • Time of menstruation (for abdomen)

  • Under age of 18

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