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CBD Products

CBD Products

Medical-Grade CBD Products
The CBD industry has exploded in popularity over the past years, and for a good reason. Countless studies continue to reveal the overwhelming benefits that the compound can have on the lasting health of those who use it.
CBD comes from a plant commonly known as cannabis, but it is much more distinct from other varieties within its own family of plants. The rise of popularity within the industry as a whole has allowed farmers to selectively breed different strains that possess the specific compounds they need – CBD.

But Doc…Isn’t this the same as getting high?
CBD is different from other products in the cannabis industry as it is devoid of the psychoactive compound known as THC. To put things simply, it can bring the user all of the significant medical benefits without the intoxicating effects of getting the user “high.” And the list of those medical benefits is being added to daily. Because of the research and backing that is being uncovered every day, CBD is 100% legal in all 50 States.

Ok…but how does it work?
CBD works similarly to other compounds in the hemp family by attaching to specific receptors in the user’s brain. These receptors’ primary job is to carry messages throughout the body, keeping everything in perfect balance.

All cannabinoids, including medical-grade CBD, affect receptors CB1 and CB2 in the brain. Newer studies even go as far as to show CBD directs the body to use more of its naturally-produced cannabinoids. This makes the human body is less responsive to illness, has more control over its mood and appetite, heightened motor control, and so much more.

Is it right for me?
Studies have shown that CBD is an effective and safe alternative to ailments suffered every day by so many. The medical-grade compound has recently been connected with neuroprotective and anti-cancer compounds. These new revelations have opened the world’s eyes to the power of these products, and have lead to investigations into further benefits by some of the leading health organizations around the globe.

Chronic pain through conditions such as arthritis and muscle spasms commonly are treated with intense pain killers and invasive surgeries. Medical-grade CBD products have proven their worth as a safer alternative to conventional medical practices when handling these types of pains.

CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory and can be a simple solution to chronic pain. Nowadays, more and more doctors are recommending CBD as a safer alternative to risky pain medicines.

On top of everything else, CBD is also a valuable remedy for mental health disorders. Case studies exist that tell the story of these compounds curing a variety of mental health issues – from anxiety to depression, alcoholism, schizophrenia, and addiction to cigarettes.

How should I use it?
CBD products come in many forms, and different products are recommended for various treatments. The most common methods of usage are through gummies and oils, but new products are introduced to the market almost daily. Consult with a medical professional if you believe that CBD is the right answer for your chronic discomfort or other conditions, chances are it will be!

How do I get it?
Give our practice a call at (309) 688-7777 during business hours. We have a variety of top-notch CBD products here in our Peoria office. Dr. Olson is happy to help you look at which is best for you and your needs!

CBD Products

Nutrition Supplements

Nutrition Supplements

Nutrition Supplements

Your daily nutrition plays a critical role in your overall health and wellness. Without a diet consisting of the proper macronutrient ratios (proteins, fats, and carbohydrates) for your wellness goals, and rich in micronutrients (vitamins and minerals), you may experience symptoms such as lethargy and a lack of enthusiasm for physical activity.

For advice on how to properly fuel your body, contact one of the top chiropractors in Peoria, Dr. Olson, today!

In order to more fully serve your nutrition needs, Dr Olson Health is a proud affiliate of Body Health. They are a premium nutritional supplement company providing the highest quality supplements to improve your nutrition and optimize your health!

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