Ancient Chinese civilizations used the art of acupuncture to reduce pain and promote better overall well being. Acupuncturists know specific lines and networks throughout the body that see a great benefit when specific needles and techniques are applied. By stimulating what acupuncturists refer to as meridians, they can restore balance and health to the patient. 
What Can Acupuncture Do For You? 

Help to relieve pain and symptoms such as:

- Better Sleep
- Depression and anxiety
- Neck and back pain
- Chronic shoulder and knee pain
- Seasonal Allergies
- Headaches and migraines
- Chronic Joint pain

Acupuncture is a holistic approach who’s focus is just as much on preventative care as it is on immediate remedies. Schedule an appointment with seasoned Acupuncturist Dr. Richard A. Olson, a long-time member of the Peoria community.

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