Weight-Loss Programs

A Weight Loss Plan Created Specifically for You

Guided nutrition catered to your lifestyle; you will meet with our medical staff for a thorough physical exam and diagnostic lab work to find the best program for you! We focus on a holistic approach to weight loss and work with you to maintain your lifelong goals.

Start your weight Loss Off with a Clean State

Isagenix Cleanse
An easy to follow 9-day program designed to remove toxins from the fat cells and liver average weight loss is 8 pounds and sets your body up for easier weight loss if you are needing to lose more; This cleanse will reset our metabolism and put an end to bad habits.

Core Restore
A nutrition and detoxification program that will help you restore proper functioning of your digestive system by removal of harmful toxins, promote nutrient abscription from food, and help you feel more energized.

Weight Loss with a Medical Boost

Lipoplex Injections
These compounds enhance the liver and gall bladder’s function by decreasing at deposits and speeding up the metabolism of fat and its removal with an average weight loss of 1lb per week these injections effectively reduce appetite and increase your body natural fat burning processes helping you meet your weight loss goals.

HCG Injections
A natural hormone produced during pregnancy that affects the part of the brain that allows our body to utilize fat as energy when food is not available. Combined with a guided nutrition plan, HCG injections allow both men and women to live of their excess fat, instead of food, averaging 1b per day weight loss.

Medically supervised appetite suppressant designed to decrease hunger and increase energy to help meet weight goals. Average weight loss is between 1 and 2lbs per weeks.

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